Book Title
3-Sentence Summary
Teacher Initials
1George's Marvelous Medicine

2Me and My Little Brain

3Miracle On 49th Streel

4The Greatest Players

5Natures's Children

6Baseball's 40-40 Mann Jose Canseco

7Unforgettable Season

8Gold Gloves

9Deon Sanders

10Cecil Fielder

11The Lion and the Witch and the Wardrobe


13Storm Breaker

14Hall Of Fame Players
Roald Dahl

John D. Fitzgerald

Mike Lupica

Goldsworthy, Steve.

Laima Dingwall

Nathan Aaseng

Phil Bildnew

Doug Marx

Miles Harvey

Mark Stewart

C.S. Lewis

Ken Munro

Anthony Horowitz

Bruce Herman
George does not like how mean her grandma is.
He makes a complicated medicine to give to grandma.
Grandma goes wild when she takes the medicine.
John is an ordinary boy.
His brother who swindles everyone goes to boarding school.
He tries to do the same, but fails.
Molly's mom dies of cancer, and she is sent to live with one of her mom's friends.
She figures out that a famous basketball player is her dad.
She try to persuade him that he is really his daughter.
It explains about what baseball is.
Each chapter is about a famous baseball player.
It has a timeline that tells you the key events in baseball history.
A porcupine is nocturnal.
They can weigh up to 13 pounds.
Porcupines sleep in trees.
Jose Canseco was a left fielder.
It took him a little while to become a superstar.
In one season he set a record 40 homeruns and 40 stolen bases.
The baseball season of 1941 was very eventful in baseball.
Superstar Joe DiMaggio hit in 56 games in a row.
Also superstar Ted Willams hit for a .406 average.
Fielding is a key part of baseball.
It explains about the best gold glove winners of all time.
A gold glove winner is a baseball player who gets voted best defender at their position.
Deon Sanders played both baseball and football.
He was an average baseball player and a good football player.
He played for several different teams in football and baseball.
It took him a while to become a star.
He had 2 sons.
He was a feared power hitter, but not a very fast base runner.
4 kids discover a wardrobe in a old house which leads into a magical world.
They discover they will be kings and queens if they destroy the witch.
It is a big adventure becomimg kings and queens.
John and Marie's house burns down when they are on vacation.
Sammy and Brian the detectives are trying to figure out who burned their house down.
They finally figure out who burned their house down, but who did it is a big surprise.
Alex Rider is an orphan, and his uncle was taking care of him, but he gets killed.
His uncle worked for a spy agency,and since he is dead the spy agency is in charge of him.
The spy agency has him check out a factory that is giving away tons of computers to schools in England as a gift .
He finds out the computers are actually made to have a virus that kills people when you turn the computer on.
Alex barely stops them from turning on the computers in England.
The Baseball Hall of Fame was established in 1936.
The museum in Cooperstown was opened in 1939.
There are over 200 members in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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15Point Blank

16Number the Stars

17Prairie Dogs

18Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Third Wheel

19The Boy Who Saved

20Through My Eyes

21Stepping On The Cracks

22Ken Griffey Jr.
Star Outfielder

23Skeleton Key

24The Best Christmas Pagent Ever

25Where The Red Fern Grows
Anthony Horowitz
Lois Lowry

Celia B. Lottridge and
Jeff Kinney

John Ritter

Nathan Whitaker

Mary Hahn

Glen Macnow

Anthony Horowitz


Wilson Rawls
Alex rider is an orphan, and his uncle was taking care of him, but he gets killed.
His uncle worked for a spy agency, so now they are in charge of him.
Point Blank is a school for billionaires' sons to go to if they are very noddy.
The spy agency is very suspicious of this school.
Alex pretends to be a very noddy billionaires's son and they enroll him in this school.
He finds out that they are having clone versions of the noddy boys to replace the actual boy.
He almost gets killed, but makes it to the spy agency.
They kill the staff from the school, and arrest the clone versions. Then, they return the real boys.
Annemarie, and Ellen are best friends during the time period of the World War II.
Ellen is a Jew so she has to hide from the Nazis.
Ellen, and her family escape the Nazis in a boat and go to an Nazi safe country eventfully.
Prairie dogs are members of the rodent family.
They are about 36 centimeters long.
Prairie dogs live in towns of dogs of about 1000.
Greg is a normal lazy kid in middle school.
His school is having a Valentines Day dance.
He finds some one to go with, but it turns out to be a disaster.
A town is trying to figure out weather they should destroy some of nature and a baseball field.
The person who owns the land decides to have their baseball team play a game against the neighboring county.
The baseball team uses a computer game to help them get better, and practice real hard.
They barely win the game in a dramatic fashion.
Tim Tebow is a NFL quarterback who is a strong christian.
His main 2 sports in his childhood were football and baseball.
He won a Heismann Trophy at University of Florida.
The Heismann Trophy is like winning the most valuable player award.
2 girls named Margaret and Elizabeth are being bullied by 3 boys named Gordy, Doug, and Toad.
Gordy has a brother named Stuart who is a deserter of the army, and the boys are taking care of him in a hut in the woods because he is hiding and sick.
The girls help the boys take care of Stuart and he survives.
Ken Griffey Jr. was a star 5 skill player.
He and hiss dad at one time player together on the same baseball team in the Major Leagues.
Ken Griffey Jr. had 2 children.
Alex rider is an orphan, and his uncle was taking care of him, but he gets killed.
His uncle worked for a spy agency, so now they are in charge of him.
Alex is in danger because a gang wants to kill him.
So, he goes to and island with 2 spies to get away fom the gang.
He finds out a guy named Sarov hiding a nuclear bomb and the spies are actually trying to find it.
The 2 spies get killed, and it is Alex's job to stop the guy from using the nuclear bomb.
He gets captured by Sarov, and almost gets killed, but stops him from using the bomb.
A church has a christams pagent every year.
This year the Herdman kids decide to be in it.
They are the meanist, dirtiest, craziest kids.
The end up making the pagent very special, unique, and cool.
Billy gets two huntig hound dogs named Old Dan and Little Ann.
They enter into a coon competition, and win.
Old Dan gets killed by a mountain lion, and Little Ann is so depressed about him dying she dies to.



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